We have function menu packages available to suit all budgets



At the Butcher and Brewer we have plenty of mouthwatering food options. You can pick between cocktail food, a set 3 course menu, buffet menu and much more.

If you have special dietary requirements or want dishes that aren’t featured on our menu, this needs to be arranged with the function manager at least one week before your event along with final numbers.

With the cocktail food/platters you have the option of serving staff walking around and  handing out the nibbles or the food can be placed on tables for guests to help themselves.

Over the next few pages are all the options you have to choose from:

Private Function Room

Our Private Function Room has 50 inch plasma TV with capabilities for plugging in your laptop or device to supply your own music. It’s also equipped with a heat pump to heat or cool the room to your and your guests’ comfort levels.

It can hold:

  • 35 people for dinner
  • 50 people for drinks and nibbles
  • 50 people theatre style for a presentation
  • 30 people boardroom style for meetings


Our Conservatory is the covered outdoor area on the way to the beer garden. It has heaters for during the colder months and at night so you and your guests can continue to enjoy the space no matter the temperature. The area can be open in summer to allow air flow or enclosed at other times to keep the weather out.

It can hold:

  • 30 people for dinner
  • 40 people for drinks and nibbles

Front Beer Garden

Our Front Beer Garden has four booths with seating and tables, as well as picnic tables with two large built-in umbrellas and a built-in fireplace/BBQ ideal for ambiance and to keep you and your guests warm on cooler nights.

It can hold:

  • 50-60 people for dinner
  • 100 people for drinks and nibbles

Back Beer Garden

Our non-smoking Back Beer Garden with its own bar, has space for lots of picnic tables and umbrellas. The bar can be set up with your choice of drinks for your convenience and enjoyment.

It can hold:

  • 50-60 people for dinner
  • 100 people for drinks and nibbles.

Main Bar Area

In our Main Bar Area we are able to rope of an area for your function. The size of the area is flexible and can be rearranged depending on how many people will be attending your function. This area is adjacent to the bar and the band/DJ area – ideal if you and your group love to have a good boogie!

It can hold:

  • 100 people for dinner
  • 150 people for drinks and nibbles.